Blue exploding intro 3D – Cinema4D

Blue exploding intro 3D – Cinema4D


Download template:






  1. Tolong nama ya arifAjaya

  2. Hddjsjsjsjshsbsjdhdnwjshdbdbsjskdjdmwksjdhzjejfhejdjfhskdkjdksjcjdjdiejxhdhajqksjdhdjsjdhsjwjdududk

  3. Wajeeh -XD

  4. I want to download the first template and nothing other.

  5. Nama saya MactavishGT3

    • So download and paste this name. Do not tell there your names becous it does not working that way. Visit page “how to download” and read how to do it 🙂

  6. how can I edit this then download?

    • You need to open file in Cinema4D and just change “name” onto your nickname. Then render it and enjoy 🙂

  7. ok before I download do I need to download any soft ware or anything from the store for this

    • There is three ways depend on which intro you chose. Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects or Cinema4D. If you have one of this program you need to open file and simply edit text layer.

  8. What’s the beat to this

  9. Why Cant i Download it
    its a cool intro but it says your IP is not polish can you tell me why i cant download it i used to have it but i deleted it I wish i could’ve save it into my drive for my videos

  10. I Cant Still Download It I want it so so so SO Bad This intro Was So cool
    3 days later i still cant!!!!!!!!!

  11. Im gonna use a other intro download if this does not work its been days and still noting

  12. It Still does not work!!!its been a while since it stil sayys your ip is not polish FIX THOS I NEEnD IT

  13. Grrrrr This Is Not Working Its Been A Long time without this i need it!!!! >:C

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